Monday, March 10, 2014


been in you for one month
exploring your dusty insides
the secret corners of your rocks and skies

these places you’ve kept barricaded 
the ones behind the taping of my own making
the ones left to the right of my away

in you for one month
I am
of the edges of the city the made me compress
the state that made me undress for entertainment
that pulled apart the rest of adolescence
to force trains and constant rearrangements
into my daily planes of existence

a future: a sequestered series of hindrances that would never let it grow
it: the maturing version of my human-being

the newest way of being
for one month
inside and away

from the dampening delusion of what it meant to be living
because here
I am breathing

even if in clumps of desert-determined air
even if on a patch of land in the middle of nowhere
even if without more community than 3 parents, 4 friends, and a sporadic brother
it’s still breath
it’s still inspiring

I am still breathing
I am still inspired