Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sunset in the Sonoran Desert

My bones feel warm again
    The Indian wood has a way
         A wave of metallic tickles
         within the volcanic center of my ear

This generous hug
    Of a mesquite's broadening branches
         props the fading ashy-violet sunset
         atop it's flexible vegetal crown

    Stillness knows it's enduring self
        A way that brings the hollowness of dangling wood chimes
        into the push of a hallowing wind

    The desert's dusty fingers
        nudge a rolling breeze
        through interminable webs of cactus thorns and spider dens

And wrapped in the warmth
    Is a stubborn,
        patient closing

        I can learn to re-breath

    Enormous beauty
        Calls out with unhurried pangs
    Finds sleep here
        heart finds

       I can learn to re-breath