Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Launch of My Guts

Spending a week in the high desert hills of Northern California, gently suffused in nothing similar to the city, the shrills of gay men and squeals of the infrequently available taxi far from the land on which I slept and walked. Here I was inspired not only to begin a literary project, but also to lay the most principal foundation for it. A long haired, wild-eyed artist friend tempted me with the prospect that beginning a blog would help me stay on track with the project, my first book that is.
So, here goes. Never have I fancied myself saavy is this realm, and more often than not the computer vexes me, but I will launch myself and my guts out here if it provides a consistence; if at the end of the one year that I am pledging I can gather these scribbles, iron them out, and present the likes of which may appeal to some stranded soul or galloping gatherer.
Has my sagacious nature slipped away like the slow trickle of sappy juice from the freshly cut pine tree?
Let us see...