Thursday, April 9, 2015

blue dazed blisters

a fear and recognition
that a power i touch is greater than me. what a machine. oh, this machine.

a fear and healthy fear
of a made-up moment. how to hold onto. how to contain these explosions underneath a waist. from within a waist. how to not waste a life.

i thank you for bleeding and for un-doing your buttons. we've always needed a martyr or someone else to die. to ground us in the fear and recognition that it takes to keep on living.

what a machine i am
to be motivated to motivate. to be shaken of my wheels and still keep rolling. to find a machine that's red and low to the ground who loves me the way a man is still learning to. a woman doesn't have interest in doing. the way it will on its own. its own gurgling way. baking from blisters of a blue and gold heat. a heat of a midday miracle