Monday, September 3, 2018

"Toes"    2015

"Maize"    2016

"Temple 1"    2017

"Temple 2"    2017 


2 devils on my side reaching up
a wind pushing through their tan

bringing forth that misery/those fucking memories
-nothing is too pure-

the storm whips
sucking sobriety from the air

a moaning monsoon
so let's crash into strips/pray into it's drips

a human attempt
violet grays/atmospheric display of violence and surrender

i had, i have, i have never, i will never
be more than this
-so forgive this intrusion and allow me to move in-

Excerpt from "Discovery of Life"

What a short time I have lived! My birth is so recent, there is no unit of measure to count my age. I have just been born! I have not even lived yet! Gentlemen: I am so tiny, the day hardly fits inside me.

~César Vallejo

in between

i am icebergs
melting in catastrophic collections
crashing to a hundred humbled selves
then melting
to the bottom of a foreign philosophy
a frigid water

       i know rivers
             i am rivers.

the euphoria of euphemisms is escaping through the windows
with the blinding heat
swelling in sultry truths
digging in and bleeding
         bleed for it.

one hundred ten degrees
three hundred sixty moments
pushed through the earth
prominent and purposeful staring you in the eye
"i am here, how about you?"

where do you exist?
how hard have you pushed your low-lying levels
in the light?
when have you ever struggled
to birth a mountain?