Sunday, April 14, 2013

too bright to bludgeon (nasturtiums #2)

I want to Eat more of your Nasturtiums and comb my hair with your Dirty fingernails

sip Strong elixirs from your Small Cups Tipping swiftly into my mouth from yours
salt and Smoke Curling around your Spice

I’d like to Absorb your Smell into my Sweater and Scratch my nose in repeated Twists

Your mountain destroyed me My body humbled your Incline so greatly Breathtaking that I
Whoop when hiking your Trails

Ease never here Existed And if I was a Stronger woman
I’d lie Down

or return to an Appropriate stature of translucence
see, the Summit is Miles away and
I will forever be Made of Mist

many years
Creased between our Greasy fists

the Touch Camouflaged as Friendship or Crunched in between memories
At last
Too many others know my name

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