Sunday, November 11, 2012

My oath

I will never let fear determine my decisions.
(If I fear it, I will do it)

I will respect my body.
And sometimes I won't.

I will fail.
And I will succeed.
And I will know that these are fundamentally the same.

I will love with my entire capacity.
I will embrace love at any temperature without debating the potential burns.

I will not listen to "no" when I feel "yes".

I will make or do something beautiful and important.

I will give in.
And I will give up.
But then I will stand and walk.
Then I will fly.

I will choose to learn.

I will remain comfortable for only so long.

I will prioritize goodness over malice,
flavor over calories,
relationships over infelicitous solitude.

I will never make money more important than joy.

I will not give myself away.

I will carry my family's hallmark
But I will not drag their burdens.

I will be the rawest form of honesty which I long to know from this world.

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