Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to Skin a Lioness

I return to my sunshine state
And release the memories so fresh and wet

The days spent in their company
Were thick and plastered with obligatory tilts
Of heads, mouths, and repacked bags

The memories are now dutifully living in the past
Now as simple as last night’s fitful dreams
Tucked easy under my arm
Gliding slick off the curves of my shoulder blades

I anticipated an easeful reentrance to this dual-citied home
I hoped for a little fun,
A little starry adventure

But instead there was a trickster with unruly hair
An heir, perhaps,
To those who have fooled me before

I asked for only one unmarried experience
To melt my transition from land to air to land
From breath smoking in front of lips
To rearranging my layers in the ritual dance of returning
To the Bay.

Did Fate have some battle to wage with me?
I should have heard it laughing from behind the airport water fountain…
If I was listening
The iniquity approaching
Could have been heard
If I was watching
The duplicity of the impending
Relations would have been observed

I return to my sunshine state,
A little less golden
Even though the clouds of Seattle triumph in weight

I wanted to relish in an uncomplicated trophy
And tan the paling flesh of my chest
At a breezy outdoor breakfast of childish sunshine and bright eggs

But I have now been ordered up something unsavory
And rude
To examine a few more times
Then let evaporate in tomorrow’s early afternoon gleam.

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