Monday, September 16, 2019

not scary

kissed someone with your nose
and after all these years
the shape of it


gets in between my glue
and elongates the space
makes present some emptiness
some physical erasure
of cells and tissue

me: the aesthete
the other: amalgamation of resistance, beauty, and
the patterned way I dysfunction

just the profile and present moment
color/ jaws/ soft hairs/ tiny mountain

arching in rigid genetics
taking up face
the way a nose does

shoring up tsunamis
through simple breath of being
floods me back to wandering and existing

in Hawaii/ San Francisco/ Oakland/ Wisconsin
to party drugs and some
little succulents in the big window of our 2
bedroom flat

the one near the beach
to life had, had, and had
to noodles and rain
to a single regret
to leaving him for paradise
to finding my real name

confounding and funny
how much lives in a body
when another body feels it
ain’t nothing more real