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Monday, February 13, 2017

On & On It Goes

Well that was an interesting couple weeks.  I spent a lot of my downtime working on jewelry, reading, and watching downloaded Game of Thrones episodes.  The jobs on the farm weren't difficult, though some were quite time consuming and my back was hurting most of this month due to a flare up of an old injury, so that was difficult to do farm work with, but I managed.
It was nice to meet some other HelpX'ers...and I've just recently realized that I never explained in the beginning of this section on European Backpacking that my partner, Miguel, and I are spending some time work-exchanging through an organization called HelpX, which affords us the opportunity to learn and better skills such as farming.  And given that's where a lot of our interest lies, i.e., being able to grow our own food, it's invaluable experience for us.
Back to the past couple weeks.  Spent that time tending to plants and animals, and getting to know a couple other HelpX'ers from Poland, Scotland, and Denmark.  It's nice to be out in the world again, meeting folks totally different in origin, but who I can share similar morals and values with. The Polish guy, Robert, was a gentle soul, full of thought, who ate his vegetarian food slowly, reflecting on his recent encounters with beach-dwelling neo-hippies. And the Scottish/Denmark duo, Gary & Jeannie, was a  bubbly, chatty couple with refreshing excitement for the topics I love to gab on about.
The vibe at the farm was sometimes good, sometimes stressed, and I found it a challenge to navigate Marian's particularities, but I sort of expected that, given my own sensitivities to peoples' preferences and her general energy about the land.  It was also pretty akward given one of the guys who lives on the property took a serious liking to me and was pretty interested in having a fling, even though I wasn't.  So, a good deal of my energy was spent on holding my boundaries.  I also spent a lot of time walking, as town was a steep desecent about 30 minutes away, and more strenuous on the way back.
I'm glad to have had the time there; it reafirmed lessons on boundaries and forced me think deeply about my interactions and choice of action.  And it put me in contact with three new friends. And,  I'm glad to be moving onto the next leg of the journey too.  It was nice to have alone time without my partner but it's been great to reconnect and have our shared time too. We've really been enjoying the last couple days, and the place we're staying at is very laid back, which is welcomed.

I'm supremely excited about what comes next: Morocco :) Plane tickets purchased, Visa information sorted, we'll be there soon! I can already foresee wanting to buy so much clothing there that it'll need to be  mailed back to the States in a crate. For now, it's no work exchange, but a little vacation from our vaction. Beach, hiking, taking pictures, drinking in the middle of the day, finding any excuse to lie around a bit more...