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Thursday, January 26, 2017

The farm and the ocean

I've taken off on my own for some time. Miguel and I needed some breathing room. We're not the type to want to spend 24/7 together. So, he's on Gran Canaria and I'm on another island called Tenerife. The night I arrived to this island, I stayed at a guesthouse of a sweet, quirky German woman. We hit it off and she invited me and Miguel to come stay with her once my farm gig was over. Turns out Miguel will be heading over sooner than  I, and we will reunite there come mid-Febuary.

Now. I'rm here on my own. Staying with a woman who owns a patchwork quilt of land and who is very, very particular about what she wants done with it.

Marian is hyper, high strung, very Virgoesque, but kind. I'm curious how our Virgo powers will do alongside one another. Will it be effcient, orderly bliss? Or an overbearing, scrutinizy implosion?  Time will tell...  I'll be here with her for two more weeks, then I've got a little break when I'll take off for another island called La Gomera, which  I can see from my terrace.  She's asked me to house-sit for her after my break, which I'll do if all goes well for the next couple weeks :)

Yesterday I cut lavendar for Marian's farmer's market. What a heavenly a job!!!  I also shucked some fresh & dried beans, played with the dogs, and helped to collect these spicy, vinegary type of tiny orange tomatoes called fisires.  Today I organized a lot of irrigation tubing, cleared rocks, wheeled many loads of miescellaneous crap up a hill, and all with a pulled muscle in my back.  The red wine I'm currently drinking has been well earned. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Aqui, esta momento

Fast forward three weeks and we've left the mountain dwelling.  Things were well enough, but we grew weary of some things. Come to find out, Ben was very ill with cancer, and his general attitude was angry, or worn out, or frustrated. Something of all of those. He made some unkind comments to Miguel, and as a result, put us both on edge.
So we stayed and did our volunteering and are now on our way towards the Canary Islands.  Guess I shouldn't gloss over the past couple weeks though. Okay, there were some cool moments.
We met an old, wiry ex-pat named Patrick.  He's kind of a loping coyote type. Two teeth up top, a couple scraggly ones down below. Came to Spain 20 years ago to sell a LandRover, been in Competa ever since.  He took a liking to us and lent a hand mixing concrete for a rockwall Miguel was building for Lieuwke's gallery. And then a couple days later we picked him up in town and made a nice meal  back at the mountain house.

Even with the general weirdness in the air, there were some sweet moments at the place in Competa. The town was pleasant, and finally a local decided to be nice to us. He  owns the only restaraunt opened during siesta, so he's making a killing off of all us foreigner who don't take 2 hours naps in the middle of the afternoon. 
                                     I was able to make some jewelry with my down time,                

And we celebrated Miguel's birthday on the mountain. 33 years old! 

It snowed our last day on the mountain. What a great time to take off for the Canary Islands!