Monday, October 21, 2013

lavender man

in a place of redolent relaxation lives him, the Lavender him. the him bathed in herbaceous patterns of bachelor, you, the perpetual bachelor. thinking of thinking once it’s after. a Gentleness growing around in layers and bouncing flowerbud prayers in between the lazyday stitches of your laughter.

my brother was the first example of what it meant to be a man of the Violet type.  a fragrant man who speaks easy.  a neat and quiet type of modesty.
a traveler who appreciates in biological bouquets of understatement.
and he, who never felt the anxious hype to be sharp, to me, is mellow, still,
he in his sustained state of Minty, is fond of that neutral temperament.

and he is kind.  made of florets in filament.

it just recently occurred that these Herbs have been infused within my veins since I was new and you were four and a half.  Suffused within our common memories, your oils had, Essentially, chilled to the touch at my temples before I was old enough to be cognizant or to run. 

the external stresses that press into other peoples’ worries have no
vibration in your perennial rotation.  you hum a bluish-purple Medicine.  
separate, living in your own calendar, a chimeric atmosphere of
your own pluck or gather.  our family roots in from the calming stems of
your sibling stoicism.

and I am Blessed to have known you since our genesis.  you, kin, attract and smash the butterfly wings into a timeline of linear love.


Anonymous said...

i love how your writing has evolved. the more you have come into your own style, the more i hear you and see you. this is in no way contrived. this piece and your most recent pieces are so real. thank you for your honest and vulnerable writing. it is refreshing.

Marguerite said...

thank you "anonymous" for your words. it is challenging to be vulnerable to point of putting yourself out there through this platform, and I deeply appreciate the appreciation