Saturday, January 5, 2013

winter's lesson

pour it into the cup
that which i bring to these lips
yet unknown
what lives inside
the sizzle of collapsing bubbles could be only an echo

do i even want to drink?
from it
is born some responsibility.
and curls

blue has been replaced this season
the color of it possesses me less
the globular wetness of it's cold iron gateway
means infinitesimally less

like the relationship dust has to time

the winter brought an infantile freshness
it secret passing like swamp air between strangers' chests
our chests
breathed being into the collective expiration,
shocked us with a reminder of truth.

but do i choose to not only swallow the offer...
not only smear the inside of this long throat
with a jelly of newness
but to also extravasate the appendages of my capacity
to love and show it...

do i also choose to bathe in the process of knowing pain
and squirm in the gelatin clarity
which may shower sheets of silicone?

do i behave
or untie

until the fancy laces of normalcy
so completely escape the heat of my fingertips
that the whips of the ocean's icy sneeze
tease them into it's recesses of silk.

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