Sunday, December 2, 2012

Response to Myung Mi Kim using the work of Zhou Xiaojung

A recent assignment I enjoyed doing.  A conflation of sorts. Using the essay Under Flag written by Zhou Xiaojung in response to the poet Myung Mi Kim's assortment of work, I have manipulated the former text, sheared it down, and re-wound it into a piece of poetry-prose which imitates the unique style belonging to Kim.

For reference, I have included two links which further describe this particular text and the authors that have influenced it.

Under Flag:

Myung Mi Kim

My gratitude to both authors for their inspiration.

Immigrants' identities in a land they claim no "natural" bond

Otherness contaminates

Dominant language                       disturbs U.S. nation-space

Homogeneity of the...                                              Refusing

Discourse, or reduced defined as the opposite of norm

Orientalist                                    the Same by assimilationist

Alterity of diaspora subjects                                                I

Kim's poems resists

Being transformed in the process of becoming

Can you read and write English? Yes______. No______.


A dog in the road. It is raining.

Do you renounce allegiance to any other country but this?

Disjunctive poetry

Disrupts binary relations

In terms of                              "speed, "duration," and "music"

Majority                                                        minority cultures.

Of English language inflected

                                                                    "foreign" accents.

In the opening                         displaced English enact Korean

Fragmentary memories of home                           of dislocation

Blank spaces

Create disruption


And exile.

Intertwined history                                      War, the invasion.


Is materialized in contaminated English.

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