Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some Things

I moved out of and sold my darling RV, Sweet Pea, many moons ago, yet still have not published a good deal of the writing I accomplished while living in the alternative-urban-dwelling- experiment.  I'd like to wrap up on this thread of blogs, so in an effort to be thorough, I'm vowing to find the old writings from earlier this year and post them.  Here's  a short one from February 15th 2012. 

Some things I’m getting used to:

1. The cold.
Though I’m wearing way too much clothing to bed, and dreading getting out of my warm layers of bedding because I can see my breath, I am not crippled by the cold like I was the first couple nights

2. Being a secret agent/spy

3. Learning what I’m doing

Some things I’m not getting used to:

1. The dark.
It’s romantic, in a way, but since I don’t use my generator there are only candles and battery run lights inside, which I use as little as possible, therefore it usually remains pretty dark, only lit in the area I need to see for the moment.

2. Being quite

3. Not knowing what I’m doing