Friday, May 4, 2012

within/without it

Goodbye to that feeling

And the memories all wrapped upon themselves.

A ball of woolen yarn.

Easter egg yellow and soft

Easy to play with.

Familiar to push in 

with the tip of my forefinger.

Goodbye to the sense

Of always knowing the scents of each others’ necks.

The value of one anothers’ eye locks.

The price of the other’s forfeit.



I have not been able to burrow

A hole deep enough in which sprouted roots are

Strong enough to level the uneasiness

Or faceted enough to hook one of your many loose ends.

I have not succeeded in changing anything.



Is what I say

Because I know no other way to

Articulate this loss.

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Anonymous said...

I do appreciate your homage to the Beatles in some of your poetry, also, the colors of this blog represent you just perfectly