Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pink Lady Cheeks

She couldn’t get in the doorway because when the keys dropped they melted on the sidewalk
And when she looked up at me,
Head cocked
To the side, like there were weights dangling from her right ear…
It that moment the once golden and sturdy hinges from that foam-board door came loose
And suddenly slippery
With an excess of grease that was just moments before unseen,

She looked up at me like a dog does brisket and I knew then that I loved her.

The door inevitably fell face first
Despite it’s honorable struggle against gravity,
Against those forces too quick for it to manipulate…

It fell.

Without abandon and without too much shame and with a candor I didn’t know she had Apple
licked her lips while revealing that
she had come unbuttoned,
for she wore those type of fancy boots popular amongst classy old-timey girls.


The animal feelings racing
inside of me;
those I wore like a violet scarf blazing around my neck
were to be used
against me. 

Her Pink Lady cheeks were inflamed with a passion
To hurt me,
But the chances of it feeling really good-
Chocolate melting over a taut strawberry-
Were high.

The metallic copper curls of her crown
Fell across the constellation of freckles illuminating her face-
Dotted stars in a vast sky
Pale and glowing against a smooth midnight chill-

I saw her softness
And the durable fortitude buried under
Those layers of stripes
And patches…
Her crooked-mouth crooning
And polyester manners
Came unstitched in those moments and invited me to live amongst their threads.

It was going to hurt
But the door fell anyway. 

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