Saturday, January 7, 2012


Obeyer or patience,
Coveter of kindness,
Soother of angst,
Retreater from fires

Your eyes project softness
And hands cultivate peace.

My dear brother,
You are what keeps the scales balanced in this mad world.

Appreciator of perfection,
Admirer of symmetry,
Somehow your casual strand of words has always swayed my decisions.

How scared I’ve been those times with you sick and torn,
Claimed by hospitals and suffocated in your mind’s scorpions.

How I’ve ached to be your buoy and cried in trembling fear that I may awake one day to face life without you.

My beacon of unconditional goodness…
The deep waters of your compassion never fail to expose another league.

The older one,
Always more harmonious in your ways,
Always wiser in your silence and clever in the grays.

You have been my friend for twenty-six years,
Never hurt me or lashed out or burdened me with superficial woes.
The calm respect for your sister’s rage is something I don’t take for granted.

May the fondness for joy return to your heart, and may you smile a sunflower in an unrelenting monsoon.
May you regain the strength to forget your fear.
May you release the guilt and it’s seductive doom. 

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