Friday, January 13, 2012

Almost one month in...

I am almost officially one month into this year long experiment. The past week or so has brought a good deal of action with Sweet Pea.

I have faced such frustrations lately. I cannot figure out the water issue. I had a dream last night that the water was flowing and there were tons of sparkling christmas lights blinking away inside. So, maybe that's a good sign.  I have been trying to figure out how to get the water flowing. The tank is full, but the button for the pump is non-responsive. I am racking my brain and exhausting my patience.  I have also been working almost everyday at the bakery and have thus not had adequate time to sit down and solve this problem. Tomorrow is my first solid day off and I vow to be closer to, if not complete in, sorting it out.

This week I did make progress in other areas though. I purchased special "blackout" blinds, installed them, and now have more privacy. I can turn on my lights (all battery run) at night and not worry about being seen.  A couple friends have come over since I've installed the blinds and have validated that they couldn't see any light peaking out from the windows. So, that's good!  The blinds also seem to have added a little more insulation. It's still freezing cold at night, but it does feel a little teensy weensy bit warmer. I mean, I'm still donning two pairs of socks, leggings, a flannel and a thick fleece robe to bed, but those who know me know it's not uncommon for me to be cold even in a heated home. And, along the lines of heat, I managed to finally acquire a suitable heating source. With the help of the internet-wiz Benjamin,  I was able to peruse a collection of catalytic propane heaters by Olympian that are RV specific and safe.  I found a perfect sized one! It comes with safety features that shut the heater off when there is too much Co2 detected in relationship to breathable oxygen or if it falls over. It runs off of propane, instead of electricity, so I don't need to run the generator or have an external hookup of any kind. I can continue to be discreet while staying warm!! I ordered it and should be receiving it in the mail any day now! Here's the link:

All is not peachy though. I got another warning, this time from the Oakland police, in the form of an absurdly neon orange sticker slapped against one of my windows. How rude! My friend, Mikael, and I spent twenty minutes trying to scrape it off today before I had to leave for work, and still it's only half gone. I am really annoyed that they tagged my window with the sticker instead of just putting a paper on my windshield or something. The warning was a reminder that I have to move my vehicle every 72 hours, at least a mile, otherwise I will receive a $250 fine. Ugh. It was different in Newark, I just had to move the vehicle 100 feet, now it's a mile. Learning as I go.
OOOOOkkkkay, I need a new game plan. The streets is rough, mehn! Before I got the warning, I had been thinking along the lines of trying to find a backyard where I could park Sweet Pea and pay the tenants of the house a little money.  But, after getting that warning last night I decided that this needs to be a priority.  I can't keep it on the streets unless I want to deal with this every couple days. And, I really don't.
So, I posted an ad on Craigslist, and put the feelers out on Facebook. Now, I'm just asking all of my friends if they know anybody living in Oakland or Berkeley who has a back or side yard and would be willing to let me park it there in exchange for mooola. If you happen to read this and have a suggestion, please email me at: Thanks kindly  :)

I'm looking to purchase a video camera so I can record some stuff and add it to this blog. Hopefully by next blog I will have something picked out and on it's way.
That's all for tonight. More soon.

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